Sunday, June 10, 2012

The Daughters of Lancaster County series ~ Wanda E Brunstetter

A while ago I was privileged to have an opportunity to write book reviews for a publisher to promote digital reading. Not only did I come across a view books that I thought sounded rather interesting and wanted to read for myself, but I also became an avid digital reader.

One book in particular caught my attention and it stuck. Now, eighteen months later, I got to satisfy my curiosity. I was not disappointed!

For a moment I had lost sight of the fact that the one book was part of a 3 book series, but I soon realized that the curiosity that had now been stirred up couldn't be satisfied without reading all three. It is a fine skill to keep one turning the pages of one book, but to buy the whole series... that is a true art. I commend you, Wanda :)

The first one in the series is The Storekeeper's Daughter. (Judging from the covers, these daughters are quite pretty, don't you think? For me it is so that a woman with a beautiful character seems even more beautiful on the outside, and these Amish woman of Lancaster County have some beautiful characters.)